Technology Supplies – Discover 30% Better Value

Do The Research

When we mention IT or tech products people often think about Laptop etc. There is much more to it than that.

Clients often believe that they spend very little on this but closer investigation the values are significant.


Watch The Small Stuff

Do not ignore small value purchases.

These are frequent and attract excessive supplier margins.

A survey by C.I.P.S online magazine SMInsider reported HMDI cable incurred a margin of 1456%.


Providing Transparency

Our unique service means you will receive total transparency  of the supplier margin you incur on the tech products you purchase.

We have continuous access to wholesale pricing so we can help you secure best value on your purchases by maintaining a 3% margin or a value of your choice.

This level of information is unique to Tech Buyers Club.

Free Demonstration

In just a few minutes you will understand…

  • What information is required and how we obtain this for you.
  • How we analyse data in seconds
  • How use this to highlight excessive margins
  • How suppliers protect and inflate their margins
  • The potential reductions available.

This analysis is totally FREE.


Additional Support

You will learn how we send enquiries on your behalf and become your technology supplies contact.

This will save you time and allow you to focus on other tasks.

Discover the level of information available, from historical pricing through to current day stock levels in the wholesale technology market.

We also have a technical support function should any item be difficult to identify or source.

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