Technologies Supplies – 3 Essential Procurement Boosting Tips

Technologies supplies include items as simple as mouse mats through to lap tops and everything in between.

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Managing the procurement of technology supplies for schools and businesses can be demanding.


Here Are A Few Tips We Believe Can Help:


Define the requirements

This involves determining what type of technology supplies are needed, the quantity required, and the budget allocated for procurement.

It is also important to consider buying consistent technologies supplies as part of the overall strategy.

Purchasing a consistent brand will not only help with maintenance and security, it will also help negotiations with suppliers in the long term.

This can be equally important in for technology supplies education as well the private sector.


Selecting The Right Supplier

As a minimum this involves identifying supplies in terms of terms, warranties, providing excellent customer service, and delivering quality products on time

However, suppliers must also be transparent in relation to their pricing.

Supplier margins need to be clear and managed and it can help organisations save up to 30%.

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Internal Processes

Allowing anyone to purchase technologies supplies should be avoided at all costs.

This leads to problems like mixed products being purchased, poor terms, high prices and even security problems.

This is called shadow IT. Learn more about it HERE.



Procurement of design and technology supplies requires planning, research, and evaluation to ensure quality products, good value, product availabilty and technical support.