That’s a Lap Top Life

No one likes it when their lap top feels like it’s steam driven and is seemingly about to take its last breath. But what can you do?

However, in these high inflation times new purchases might not be an option so here’s how you can squeeze more life from your laptops

Refresh The Operating System – Reinstalling an operating system is the easiest way to improve performance on a laptop that still has some life left in it,

Virtual Desktops – Using virtual desktop integration (VDI), you can run a lightweight OS on your laptop just to get access to a virtual desktop running on a server.

Upgrade – Making hardware changes could be a good option. While model & vendor dependent you could upgrade the memory to improve performance. If storage is an issue, look at swapping the existing hard drive for a higher capacity model. It could even be possible to replace it with an SSD, which will give the laptop a much needed boost.

Sustainability – Look at a company called Framework when you are going to buy a new fleet. They have built a completely renewable laptop. Even the motherboard, including the CPU can be upgraded meaning extra long life spans

Leasing – There are options to obtain bundles of a laptop, accessores, software and services for a subscription. Helps to shorten refresh cycles and access to latest devices.

We hope that these help a little and good luck squeezing your laptops.

Squeezing better value is our business.

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