IT Consumables – 100% Higher Than Commodities – Stop Wasting Money?

Printer ink cartridges are expensive.

It’s actually common knowledge that, ounce for ounce, inkjet ink is worth more than silver, cavier and even gold.

One solution is to avoid buying it in cartridge form and invest in different IT hardware.

Cartridge-free inkjet printers use larger ink reservoirs that refill from a bottle.


IT Consumables v Cartridge Free Printers

Here are a few points to help you decide:


The Cons

  • Higher up-front cost

These printers are often more expensive than their cartridge-munching companions, as they include a big tank of ink at the beginning.

  • Potentially messy

The refills come in bottles that have to be squirted into the tanks. While manufacturers try to make this as clean as possible, there’s still a risk of mess.

  • Potential clogging

These printers support higher-volume printing so the heads could clog if volume is low. Print heads clog-free, but you might need to keep the printer on and to run regular maintenance cycles.


The Pros

  • Cost

They will cost you more up front, but their more economical printing saves money in the long term. One manufacturer claims its EcoTank printers can save 90% in print costs compared to regular cartridge-based models.

  • Replacement frequency

You’re less likely to see the mesage “out of ink” because it carries more of the stuff. Depending on the model, an Epson EcoTank unit will carry as much ink as around 77 cartridges. That means you can keep on printing without rooting around for spare ones.

  • More sustainable

Due to buying more ink per container with an ink tank printer you reduce the single-use plastic waste, which makes ink tank printers more environmentally friendly. Cartridge-free printers might give slower print speeds than a laser unit, but it might fit if you’re a prolific printer and don’t want the expense of a laser option. Ink tanks make ink jets a more viable contender for higher-volume business environments and are worth adding to your list of candidates when making your next printer purchase.


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