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A Unique IT Consultancy

Hello, I am Neil and welcome to Tech Buyers Club

When IT consultancy services are mentioned, you immediately think about the traditional IT consultancy company supporting your infrastructure and ensuring your systems and software are operating efficiently.

We are different, very different.


Here’s How We Help

We focus on the Procurement of IT products and standard software.

The cost of every product consists of a wholesale cost and the suppliers margin.  

During more than 35 years in procurement, I have seen and experienced the problems and frustrations in relation to the procurement of Tech products and suppliers’ resistance to requests for cost transparency.

Our IT consultancy service breaks down these walls of resistance and makes your money go much further.

Consider that on tech products the industry standard for supplier margins is 3% and the fact that we have already exposed margins of in excess of 400%.

Our unique IT consultancy does not stop there.

We will renegotiate with your suppliers, but we can also provide the assurance of a guaranteed supply source should your suppliers decide not to improve their value.

In addition to generating better value our IT consultancy UK will also remove the admin burden of managing enquiries for your future requirements.

Once your suppliers have been set up on our secure system, we become your one point of contact for new purchases.

We then manage all your enquiries via or secure portal, summarise all the information for you and present the details back to so that you can then place the order where you wish.

How Do We Do It?

Initial and ongoing investment into a unique benchmarking tool for Tech products means our IT consultancy has continuned access to wholesale pricing across the UK.

Here is an example of the daily wholesale pricing that we have access to. This is what your suppliers would pay for this item.

This means that we are able to demonstrate the excessive supplier margins you have incurred and the opportunity to reduce costs and generate much better value.

No matter when an item was purchased our IT consultancy service can show you the margins you incurred and can ensure that all future purchases are based on the agreed margin value.

No, You Are Not Too Small

Don’t think you don’t spend enough or that the cost of the service is out of reach.

Learn about the range of products within this category and that we cover within our service you realise that you are spending more than you initially thought.

We have made the investment and  generated the concept of Tech Buyers Club to help small organisations who could not justify doing it on their own.


Will It Work For Us?

The first step that we always take is to carry out analysis of previous purchases.

This is FREE and without any obligation.

It will allow us to demonstrate the value, if any that you have been receiving and the level of improvements or reductions we can generate for you.

We consistently identify savings of up to 30%, as our IT consultancy services identifies the hidden added value within your everyday IT purchases.

Here is an example of part of a report for a recent customer.

While the margins on all of these items are far too high notice in particular the extraordinary high charges on the low value items and that the fall in wholesale price on the item in blue font was not passed on to the customer.

This is the insight that we can provide for you.

Contact us NOW to learn how much you could save.


Additional Benefits

As well as generating immediate commercial benefits we have the time to work with your suppliers to identify alternative and more competitive products that are of equal or superior quality.

If you are planning a significant investment of new equipment our IT consultancy service can set up price alerts to take advantage of reductions in the wholesale price.

One client recently saved 21.9% on a high capacity solid state drive. This is the detail from the day the wholesale price dropped and our alert notified us.

Outsourced IT

 Also, by analysing your buying pattern over time we can work to secure additional discounts on those brands that you purchase on a regular basis.


What Is The Process?

Here is our step-by- step proven framework…

Phase One

  • Analysis of your previous purchases to identify the margins you’ve incurred.
  • Calculate the savings available against the industry standard 3% margin.
  • Results from above are discussed with you and you are under no obligation to proceed further.

Phase Two

  • We negotiate new margins with current suppliers, and/or…
  • Introduce the guaranteed supply source, @ 3% margin that accompanies our service.
  • Set up your product lists & suppliers on our licenced software.
  • Agreed SLA’s in terms of responding to enquiries will be introduced.

Phase Three

  • Tech Buyers Club will become your one contact for all future requirements.
  • Our IT consultancy service will manage your enquiries for you.
  • Enquiries will be issued to your suppliers. Responses will be reviewed and consolidated.
  • Summary of the quotes will be presented to you for review.
  • You place your orders directly with the supplier of your choice.
  • You will see a breakdown of the cost of each item, i.e., wholesale cost, margin, and total cost.
  • Product availability will be confirmed along with delivery information.

Phase Four & On-Going

  • You will receive quarterly reports on your purchases.
  • We will be able to highlight new & competitive products coming on to the market.
  • Set up alerts for Price, Stock and End of Life as requred.
  • Over time we will look for any purchasing patterns to try and obtain additional discounts.