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Tech Buyers Club – Outsourced IT Support Services

What is Outsourced IT Support?

Tech Buyers Club provides support on the procurement of everyday tech products, both hardware and software.

We don’t supply product, so how can he help?

First, this is not about a fully outsourced IT deparment.

Our focus is on procurement.

We become an intermediary or your Purchasing Manager between you and your tech supplier(s).

The supply chain information that our outsourced IT company has access to is unique and it allows us to negotiate from a position of strength with suppliers and generate the savings you need.

This is an example of the data we have access to.

Not only can we confirm the price on a daily basis but we can also see how the pricing has fluctuated during a month but also over the life of the product.

The product range that we cover is vast plus we have product support for those items that are difficult to source or identify.

Audio Visual, Cables & Connectors, Data Storage, Printers & Print Consumables and general Software are just a selection of the products the service can cover.

You will retain a direct relationship with your suppliers but we provide the on-going support you need to generate and maintain best value.

There are additional benefits that can generate further savings such as specific product price alters.

The following screen shot shows how the wholesale cost of a large capacty solid state drive reduced by 21.9% overnight.

For those long term investments we can set up alters to maximise your budget reach.

Guaranteed savings or your money back


That is the PROMISE from Outsourced IT at Tech Buyers Club.

There are NO contracts to sign.

There are NO long term commitments required.

As one of your Outsourced IT providers our focus is on providing a flexible solution to a long standing problem, i.e., poor value for money and wasted time searching for better value.

We want to deliver the results you need not tie you into long contracts.

For a fixed monthly fee our outsourced IT solutions will also save you time managing both suppliers and administration.

A survey by CIPS showed a high proportion of business waste 1 day per week on IT administration and communication with suppliers.

You be allocated with one contact for all of your enquiries, no matter how many suppliers you want to use and include in the enquiry process.

This will save you time sending out individual enquiries, chasing & reviewing responses and trying to identify the best deal.

Free Trial

We are so confident that we will deliver results we invite you to use us for FREE for a month.

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Can Outsourced IT help me?

If you are…

  • Spending approximately £8,000 per annum across Tech Products
  • Consuming valuable time contacting & chasing numerous suppliers for new requirements
  • Seeing that the prices quoted vary and finding it hard to understand if any of them provide good value
  • Seeing quotes that are only valid for a limited time & finding prices have changed once you place an order
  • Finding that is it not always clear that product is immediately available
  • Often place an order only to find delivery is going to take days
  • Trying to discover and negotiate your supplier’s margins only to be met with resistance and excuses
  • You are open to a new and flexible solution to deliver results

Then Tech Buyers Club Can Help You

Some recent examples of savings





Legal & Finance




Manufacturing & Construction












Education & Health









You will have one contact and the details how our outsourced IT will manage all future enquiries. The Tech Buyers Club will use your historical data to create product lists on our portal, which will be updated as new requirements are identified.

We will include all of your current supplier to the tender list for your future requirements. If there is a need to renegotiate with any of your current suppliers we will inform you first and agree the approach that we will take.

Details of new requirements are sent to your contact at the Tech Buyers Club and we will do all the rest. You will receive an acknowledgement of your enquiry.

The Tech Buyers Club will prepare and issue requests for quotation, including any special requirements. All suppliers receive the same information at the same time.

Tech Buyers Club will analyse the quotes, prepare and send them to you for review. The quotes will include a breakdown of the costs, confirmation of the margin, product availability and any delivery charges. You will then place an order direct with the supplier of your choice.

You with receive a quarterly summary of your purchases. This include confirmation of the margin and the savings achieved. The Tech Buyers Club will also carry out an annual review with you and the suppliers to identify supply patterns and any opportunity to obtain additional discounts.